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About Us

Horse1 is absolutely committed to providing high quality equine nutrition, offering our customer the information they need, and scientifically contrasted products produced both locally and internationally.


Coby Bolger, International event rider and nutritionist founded Horse1 in 1997. Her vistion was to provide information and products appropriate for each horse and each circumstance.

Coby and the entire Horse1 team are completely committed to providing the ideal product for each and every circumstance, be it for an indiviual horse, a large competition stables or a breeding farm.

In Horse1, we offer the inforamtion you need to make the right decisión and ensure that your horse’s diet is absolutely perfect.

  • We have everything you need for your horse’s diet, from specific seed mixes for horse pastures, to haylage, feeds and supplements. Horse1 has the solution for your horse.
  • We carry many brands to be able to feed ther Olympic level competitors to the smallest foals on breeding farms. We have every price range and product appropriate for a correct diet.
  • We work with products produced in Spain, England, Belgium, Holland, France, USA and New Zealand to be able to respond with the perfect solution to every equine nutrition situation
  • We have specific products to accompany veterinary treatments for different illness like colics, laminitis and tying up.
  • We have a team of nutritionists to answer your questions and resolve any equine nutrition issue. We work with the most prestigious equine nutrition laboratorios in England and Kentucky to be able to provide the latest information on equine nutrition.