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Información Anti-doping - Horse1

Doping, defined as the use of controlled or prohibited substances to manipulate the sports performance of the horse, is strictly prohibited according to the rules of clean sport established by the National Equestrian Federations, the FEI and the Jockey Club.

The most important horse supplements and feeds mills are implementing their procedures in order to ensure the safety of their products in the sports environment, introducing different guarantees to reduce the risk of contamination that could lead to a positive doping. The top-level brands commonly used in high competition, have undertaken strong and expensive procedures so that riders subjected to anti-doping control can rest easy. Other brands, not designed for high competition, take other types of measures to reduce this risk, but their guarantee is not the same.

At Horse1, we decided a long time ago to not distribute or recommend any supplement or feed that includes ingredients not accepted in high competition or racing.

For your information, we have included the guarantee offered by each brand below, please click on each manufacturer logo for further information. In addition, we have included it in each product offered on our website in explanatory table called "Clarification Antidoping Guarantee", with the exact information on the anti-doping guarantee offered by each brand, so both the rider and trainer can evaluate the specific measures taken by each manufacturer and thus make the best decision on which products to use according to their situation, competition calendar and demands of their discipline.

At the top of this box there is a "Symbol" and "Type message" differentiating two types of products:

  • Products from factories that offer a higher guarantee::

Antodoping horses test 1

  • Products from factories that offer a lower guarantee:​​

Antodoping horses test 2

The message provided by the manufacturer appears at the bottom of the box.

We hope this clarification will help you in your decisions. As always, our team of veterinarians and nutritionists are at your full disposal for any questions you may have.

Antidoping Information by brand