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Coat Care

At Horse1 we won’t sell any products that are not appropriate for use for horses competing under FEI or Jockey Club Rules.
We don’t want that sort of product in our warehouse. And we check.
It's that simple.

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Tea Tree Oil Shampoo - Horse 1 -

Horse shampoo with organic tea tree essential oil and ...

Tamaños disponibles:

ShowSheen Hair Polish & Detangler - Absorbine - 950 ml Spray

Detangles, brightens and supports the growth of strong and ...


Star Shine - Cavalor - 500 ml

For a luxurious finishing touch for your horse´s mane, tail ...

Tamaños disponibles:

Equi Wash - Cavalor - 500 ml

Revitalizing shampoo for your horse with pro-vitamin B5 and ...

Tamaños disponibles:

Orvus Paste - KM Elite - 3.4 Kg

An outstanding pH neutral shampoo and extremely gentle ...