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Skip & Scoop

Fast and easy skip. Rake and scoop included. Easy on the back. Perfect for quick use in your ring and stables. Colors blue, pink and green
Skip & ScoopRecogedor_estier_505c42e0a8c01.png
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Sales price 35,70 €
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It's as easy as one, two, skip!!

• Superb head design uses high specification materials for ease of use and longevity

• Easy on the back

• Perfect for use in the stable, yard, horse box and field

• Light in weight, yet exceptionally strong

• Fast, easy to use and efficient

• Rake available in Royal Blue, Bubblegum Pink or Country Green.

• Made in England using the best quality materials.

• Specially designed head “flicks” debris into the collector. The specially angled tines and head is designed to move debris with the minimum of fuss.